The Real Winners In America Right Now: Federal Bureaucrats


American workers and entrepreneurs work hard to earn a living, and they are entitled to keep the fruit of their labor. Yet there is an entire class of people in our country who live off the fruit of these people’s labor, and are making copious amounts of money doing so. That class is the federal workforce.

The federal bureaucracy is poised to rival the pay rates for elected representatives in Congress, who each make $174,000 per year. According to FedSmith, the average federal bureaucrat currently earns $86,365 in wages, but with benefits their total average compensation is at $123,160.

Conversely, the average nonfederal worker in American earns $58,726, and with benefits total compensation is $69,901; that's almost half of the average federal worker. While that’s certainly nothing to scoff at, considering the destitute poverty some countries experience, it demonstrates the fact that lucrative careers are now being found in government rather than in the private sector; that means your money is being used to enrich other people, literally.

And the problem is only going to get worse this upcoming year, as the top rate of pay for most federal bureaucrats is set to rise all the way up to $164,000, the Washington Examiner reports.

The top rate for the top dogs in the federal bureaucracy is set to be even higher though, as senior executive employees will soon be able to rake in $189,600. Just let that number sink in…

The Washington area, where the bulk of federal workers are employed, will get the biggest pay raise under the order signed by President Trump before Christmas. There, the increase for General Service workers will be 2.29 percent.

I won’t deny the fact that people need to work to earn a living, and the federal agencies that exist simply need to be staffed if they are to actually run. But these salaries are simply ridiculous.

In the private sector, I have no issue with how much money a person makes. If a person becomes a billionaire by creating and selling a good product, way to go! That’s the American Dream there. That person’s work and innovation and expertise helped to create that wealth, and the marketplace voluntarily contributed to it through commerce.

Granted, one can hardly blame people for going where the big bucks are. If a career path is lucrative, it only makes sense that people would pursue it. But that only goes to show just how dysfunctional Washington D.C.'s bureaucracy is: that people can get rich by working for the government.

If someone wants to make a lot of money, the idea that they can simply go to work for Uncle Sam and get rich is a symptom of a bigger problem: the government has too much power and too much of our money. For all the talk of the rich “taking” from the poor to gain their wealth, the proponents of such an idea are conspicuously absent when the “rich” are government employees.

One of the reforms that Congress should enact is a lowering of the top wages in government. Economic development is not fostered by a massive bureaucracy that micromanages everything we do; that's no way to make a society happy.

If anything, government jobs should be the lowest paying, to incentivize people to work in the private sector, to produce and contribute, rather than being paid with money that has been taken from other people.

There has to be a better way than this.

What do you think about this trend? Should government workers be making nearly $200,000 a year? What reforms should Congress enact to rein in this over-inflated salary rate? Sound off below!