What Should Veterans Do Next?


There are 2.8 million post 9/11 veterans. But so much has changed in the last 15+ years that many veterans are looking for the next big thing, and they don't think that it's going to be found in military service, especially when "veterans are witnessing the demise of many institutions for which we risked our lives," writes Chad Grilles.

So what can they do? Count on themselves.

Veterans volunteered for the military out of a willingness to work hard and risk our own personal livelihoods for our country. Now, there are startups, technology companies, and venture capitalists all around the country who need us.

And how do they do it? By joining the entrepreneurial class.

American veterans possess the skill, talent, and experience necessary to rebuild and redeem America. We hold the power to reemerge as the undisputed leader of the free world. We hold the power to protect the ultimate open source operating system: The Constitution of the United States of America. We can work to ensure that America continues to be the platform on which the best businesses are built. When we see a mission-driven business like SpaceX helping the U.S. and NASA accomplish their missions at a fraction of the cost previously imagined, we can support them.

And what is the path?

Level up our skills, learn industry lingo, and then create or join those that are building technology companies.

Not a bad option for anyone thinking about creating a future.