You Ever Wonder Where All Those "National Day of ..." Come From?

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Never be in the dark again. National Calendar Day is a resource so you can know exactly what you're going to celebrate -- every day of the year!

Apparently, any company or business can trademark and license a "National Day" through the National Calendar Day organization, though the organization has stipulations. It won't accept a National Hug a something or somebody Day, and it can't declare National Days, Weeks, or Months for birthdays, anniversaries or individuals. That is done through an act of Congress (and passing resolutions in Congress for commemorative days got a lot harder in the 1990s when the practice became commonplace).

However, if you were wondering over the weekend (as most dog owners were) where National Cat Day came from, look no further than National Calendar Day. And how does the group make it happen? It pretty much operates like a PR agency that sends a "media alert" to a list of 20,000 broadcasters, talk show hosts, and newspapers. It also creates daily radio updates sent out to stations across the country.

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