Richard Suttmeier is the CEO & Founder of Global Market Consultants, Ltd

Richard Suttmeier is the CEO & Founder of Global Market Consultants, Ltd

I consider myself a Financial Engineer with an engineering degree from Georgia Tech and a Master of Science degree from Brooklyn Poly, now a part of New York University.

I began my career working at Grumman Aerospace 1966 – 1970 working on many different projects including the Lunar Module and the contract for the F-14 fighter jet, called the Tom Cat. While at Grumman, I taught myself how to program in Fortran, while gaining my Master’s Degree in Operations Research Systems Analysis.

In 1971, I became the Systems Analyst at the Bank of New York in lower Manhattan managing and developing all computer systems in the International Division of the bank, which included the design of the Foreign Exchange trading system.

In March 1972, I began my career in the financial services industry trading U.S. Treasury securities in the primary dealer community at Briggs, Schaedle & CO., Inc. Over this five-year period, I represented the firm in personal monthly meetings at the New York Federal Reserve Bank’s, Open Market Trading Desk.

After a year at Loeb Rhoades, I became the first long bond treasury trader at Bache in 1978. In 1981, I joined LF Rothschild in 1981, to develop a U.S. Treasury and Federal Agency Securities Division, and helped establish the firm as a primary dealer at the end of 1986. LF Rothschild was a victim of the Crash of 1987 and would eventually close two years later.

While at LF Rothschild I began to write, research covering the U.S. Treasuries in 1984. In sum, my experience as a bond trader, trading manager and engineer gave me the insights to be an expert on monetary policy, which I continue to feature in my newsletters, and market commentary today.

I formed Global Market Consultants Ltd at the end of 1988 and expanded on my analysis to include proprietary analytics, that provide value levels at which to buy on weakness, and risky levels at which to sell on strength.

While operating Global Market Consultants I was the U.S. Treasury Strategist at Smith Barney 1991 through 1995, was Chief Financial Strategist at William R. Hough in St. Petersburg, Florida 1997 through 1999, and was Chief Market Strategist at Joseph Stevens 1999 into 2008.

I called the “tech bubble” peak in March 2000 with the Nasdaq above 5,000. As 1999 ended I predicted that the Nasdaq would fall to 3,500 to 3,000 by the end of that year.

I began covering U.S. equities in 1997 and began to use as my stock screening tool in 2002 before joining them as Chief Market Strategist between September 2008 and November 2014. I was also the Chief Market Strategist at Niagara International Capital Limited between December 2009 and December 2014.

In 2005 through 2007 I wrote columns on and authored Technology Report. My unique coverage called for the housing bubble to pop in 2005 and for regional banks to collapse in 2006 and early-2007. I called the stock market top, the crash of 2008 and the buying opportunity in March 2009.

I became an Expert Contributor for in April 2012 and currently write one or two stories a day covering subjects such as: The housing market, community and regional banks, momentum stocks, earnings profiles, exchange-traded funds and some global markets.

Over the years, I made frequent appearances on financial TV beginning in 1993 on CNBC covering the U.S. Treasury auctions and as a substitute for John Murphy on his segment called ‘Tech Talk’. I also occasionally appeared on CNN and Bloomberg.

On almost every holiday I appeared for an hour covering stocks on a call-in / email-the-expert ‘Talking Stocks’ show on CNNfn. In 2002 I had my own show on Yahoo Finance TV called, ‘Traders’ Club with Richard Suttmeier’. I was president of the Society for the Investigation of Recurring Events in NYC from 2000 into 2009.

When Fox Business began in late-2007 I was a frequent guest on ‘Money for Breakfast’. I also made appearances on Reuters TV, Yahoo Finance Breakout and BNN in Toronto.

Since moving full-time to Florida in 2008, I shifted my focus to making presentations to various investor groups such as: MBA students at the University of Florida and South Florida, The American Association of Individual Investors, Wells Fargo Advisors, The Executive Form at the National Arts Club in NYC, Investors Roundtable of Wilmington NC, The Market Technicians Association, The Information Management Network when they cover Florida Banks in Ft Lauderdale, and the University of Tampa Investment Club.

My personal background began on Long Island, New York. I graduated from Bay Shore High School in 1962, and was a member of the Honor Society, Golf Team, Math Team and Band. I graduated from Georgia Tech in Atlanta with a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering Degree in 1966, and was a member of Chi Phi Fraternity, the freshmen Golf Team, and was the captain of the Bowling team. I won the South East Regional Bowling Tournament in 1964 and won the National Intercollegiate Bowling Championship in the Doubles Event that same year. I graduated from Brooklyn Poly in 1970 with a Master of Science in Operations Research, Systems Analysis.

I have been married to Linda since June 1969 and we are the parents of Stephen and Jason Suttmeier. Stephen has been married to Jennifer since 2004 and we have a granddaughter Emily and a grandson Robert. We have been living in Land O’ Lakes, Florida since June 2009.