Channel Partner News - December 1, 2017


Dear Mavens:

Tip of the Week: Control Photo Size Within the Stream. A new checkbox “The story photo is important” appeared recently in the story editor. It’s checked by default, which means the normal large photo will appear on the home page and room “stream” views, if you’re a publisher or member of your channel’s “Editors” group. If you uncheck it, we’ll display a much smaller photo instead. This allows you to (if desired) display a more compact stream view, or mix photo sizes to give more variety. Try it out!

As before, non-publishers/non-editors will always get a small photo.

Maven Partner Summit III. Focused on finance-oriented channels, this event will be held in Dallas next week. We look forward to seeing some of you there, along with many prospective Mavens. Support will continue as usual, though Pete, Bill and the team may be slightly less responsive than usual between Tuesday and Thursday.

Welcome Aboard! A warm welcome to our newest signed Mavens: ReelViews (movie reviews) and Political Storm, a non-partisan platform for political discussion. We also officially announced Blue Lives Matter live on the Maven network.

Rinku Sen Joins Maven Board. This week we were delighted to announce Rinku [pictured above] joining the Maven board of directors. A well-respected author, journalist and activist for racial justice, she brings deep experience and refreshing perspective.

Advertising Update from co-chairman and head of revenue Josh Jacobs:

As you all know, we are in the process of architecting our advertising platform. The past month our focus has been on two critical activities. First, we’ve been experimenting with design and advertising load on the pages. Our goal is to create a balance of high value ad units, with a better user experience for content. Our new design was a big part of this, and more modifications will come. Your feedback has been very valuable to us as we work on this. Secondly, we have been working to meet certification and volume requirements with direct advertising partnerships. Building up volume, and getting key partners to audit and approve our inventory, is an important precursor to our next phase of revenue growth. We’ve made a lot of progress on this front in the past 30 days.

Now that we are through the heavy lifting part of platform setup and certification, we can begin rolling out direct partnerships which will increase prices for the ads we are serving. Six partnerships are approved to date, to be implemented in the coming weeks, which should serve to drive up the quality, quantity, and prices of our ads. We also have an active pipeline of additional partnerships in process.

All of this leads us into the beginning of the year, and the largest advertising industry conference in the US, The Consumer Electronics Show (CES). CES is an event where the largest buyers and agencies in the ad industry all get together to form deals which will drive market growth for the year. James and I will be there, presenting your amazing content and engagement statistics to industry leaders. As we have always discussed, these relationships, and the integration they represent, are the key to making ads on Maven more performant than any of us could achieve individually. The scale and engagement each of you is bringing to our consortium allow James and I to present Maven as a 'must-buy' partner at CES, and the platform Ben and Bill have built means we can integrate with these buyers in the seamless fashion they expect.

Please keep the feedback coming. I love hearing your opinions, good and bad, and know that we are hearing all of it, and working to make your sites the best user experience and advertiser canvas in the market -- Josh (

Thanks again for being part of the Maven team.

Bill Sornsin, COO

Greg Witter, PR and Publisher Communications