Channel Partner News - November 16, 2017

Dear Mavens:

The “Split Stream” Has Arrived. As previewed to you in the October 27 newsletter, tonight we rolled out what we call the “split stream” - stories and quickposts now appear in their own areas of the front page and rooms. On desktop, stories will get the first 2 columns; on mobile, we’ll alternate groups of stories and quickposts, plus users will be able to choose all of one or the other.

In addition, we’ve replaced the carousel with a more visually appealing “one by two” layout on the home page. You do need to slot at least 3 stories via the Settings / Top Stories menu for this to work.

This update is accompanied by some significant performance improvements “under the covers”, which will further improve user experience. Some of these will roll out over the next few days, so you may see some glitches as they’re “dialed-in”, including things like image resolution, sorting and other areas.

CEO James Heckman would like to discuss the implications of this and other network happenings with you, so we’ve scheduled a couple of channel partner call-ins:

Friday 11/17 at 4pm ET / 1pm PT

Monday 11/20 at 4pm ET / 1pm PT

We hope you can join!

Tip of the Week: User Registration Link. Want to promote additional registrations on your site more directly? It’s easy to include a link within a story or email, just append “/login” to the end of your main URL e.g.

Welcome Aboard! Radio personality Erick Erickson’s “The Resurgent” is now live on Maven. This well-known podcast and blog of thought-provoking articles highlights conservative perspectives on American and global political issues. Newest signees are Alicé Anil, delivering opinionated documentaries and political analysis---with a progressive edge; and Nicholas Ward’s “Income-Minded Millennial”, focused on dividend growth stocks.

Thanks again for being part of the Maven team.

Bill Sornsin, COO

Greg Witter, PR and Publisher Communications