Channel Partner Newsletter - November 6, 2017

Dear Mavens:

Maven of the Week: Chess Daily News. Susan Polgar and her husband Paul Truong operate this wonderful site featuring chess news and improvement tools. Susan became the #1 female player in the world at age 15 and remained in the top 3 for nearly 25 consecutive years. In 1996, she became the first person in history, male or female, to win the Chess Triple Crown (World Classical, Rapid and Blitz Championship). More recently she was named US “Coach of the Year”. Truly the embodiment of a “maven” - check out the channel here.

Tip of the Week: While this may be old news to some, are you aware you can post-date stories to show up automatically at a later time? Just change the time and date at upper right of the story editor, and save the story normally. This is really handy if you’d like to “tee up” multiple stories on a Sunday night or prior to travel.

You can also backdate, which is useful when migrating older stories to the platform.

Welcome Aboard! A warm welcome to our newest signed Mavens: Roger Nusbaum, covering ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and Value Digger, a Seeking Alpha covering personal finance. And check out Economonitor, featuring economic, financial, and geopolitical news and discussion, now live on Maven.

Have You Seen the FAQ? Many frequently-asked publisher questions are answered here. And if not, post your question or request. We’re also developing a FAQ for users.

Thanks again for being part of the Maven team.

Bill Sornsin, COO; Greg Witter, PR and Publisher Communications