Maven Coalition News - March 16, 2018 - New Home Page

A weekly compendium of news and tips for all Mavens (channel partners) on the Maven coalition.

Dear Mavens,

Product Update: New Maven Home Page. Among other things, the product team has been working on multiple features to help you benefit from the nearly 45 million users now enjoying the combined Maven and HubPages coalition. This includes a radically new Maven home page, designed specifically to drive traffic to mavens:

Users can browse by category....

Or just start typing to find interesting mavens…

The current corporate stuff will become secondary, accessible via the menu. We’ll also be changing the top-level domain from “” to “” - much easier to remember and type, and further shortens URLs. The change will be transparent to you and will not affect SEO, old bookmarks and links will continue to work, etc

We won’t limit this distribution feature to the home page. Your site will be find-able from the search box on every page around the coalition. For example here’s how it may look on HubPages “AxleAddict”:

But we’ll also drive traffic to you from within stories, on both Hubpages and Maven, via an “RCW” - short for Recirculating Widget. We’ll cover that next week.

Look for these enhancements in April. Meanwhile, some less-sexy-but-still-important recent fixes and features included:

AM-5273 Support 3-month and 6-month recurring billing for memberships
AM-5266 Improve storage infrastructure tolerance under heavy load
AM-5284 Eliminate 404 errors on cached Google links
AM-5181 Change User Admin column heading from "Joined On" to "Followed On"
AM-5184 Record a user moderation event when premium membership is sold
AM-5212 AMP page domain mismatch errors from Google Search console
AM-5207 Improve ad error logging
AM-5189 Improve keyword reliability for appnexus and ad prebids
AM-5119 Fix arcane bug which can yield an empty page

Welcome Aboard! Please welcome our newest signed Mavens: Right News (conservative viewpoints) and Blockchain Beach (covering blockchain and crypto currency).

Thank you for being part of the Maven coalition.

Bill Sornsin, COO

Greg Witter, PR and Publisher Communications