Maven Coalition News - March 26, 2018 - Product Update Continued...

A weekly compendium of news and tips for all Mavens (channel partners) on the Maven coalition.

Product Update Continued: New Maven Home Page, Navigation and RCWs. In the last newsletter, we described the new Maven home page and shared screenshots. That project has progressed quickly and will ship this week! It will be far easier to find maven channels from around the coalition, including yours.

Accompanying this upgrade will be a couple enhancements you’ll notice on your own channel. The first is moving the room navigation to the top of the page, and using a smaller logo on story and room pages (the large logo on your home page will remain). This not only reduces visual clutter for users, it pulls much more content “above the fold” which will enhance SEO - especially important in light of Google’s recent algorithm changes.

Custom menu items remain accessible via the “hamburger” menu at upper left. If you are concerned about visibility of certain items, there are several options for promotion, contact Pubsupport and we’ll gladly discuss.

The function of the Maven logo will also change. Click it and a “slide out” will appear, giving direct access to the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and corporate information from any channel on the network.

In coming weeks, we’ll also begin driving traffic to you from within stories, on both Hubpages and Maven, via an “RCW” - short for Recirculating Widget. Here’s an example of what that looks like within a HubPages story, sending traffic to Scotty Kilmer’s auto site:

All Publisher Call. Join us Friday, March 30 at 11am PT, to hear some big news and updates as we head into our Coalition Conference in Whistler next month.

Dial-in: 425-908-0529 (no PIN) or join via desktop at

We hope you can attend!

Welcome Aboard! Please welcome our newest signed Mavens: Tech News - featuring technology news and reviews led by Jack Phan, and Magatte Wade, African Business and Entrepreneurship.

Thank you for being part of the Maven coalition.

Bill Sornsin, COO

Greg Witter, PR and Publisher Communications