Maven Coalition News - March 31, 2018

A weekly compendium of news and tips for all Mavens (channel partners) on the Maven coalition.

Dear Mavens,

New Home Page Launched. Click here to see it. It’s now far easier for visitors to find maven channels from around the coalition, including yours. Please let us know if you feel your channel’s category isn’t correct or could be improved.

The new streamlined navigation has also debuted, reducing visual clutter and improving SEO performance. Your custom menu items remain accessible via the “hamburger” menu at upper left (and we'll soon be moving them to the top of that menu). If you are concerned about visibility, there are several excellent options for promoting key items, email to discuss.

WOCHIT Video Training Video. Sound repetitively redundant? Not really - we made a video of this week’s interactive training session. Wochit makes it very easy to enhance your own video with text overlays and other features, or to create a video from scratch using simple images, text and voiceover, drawing from your own images or licensed content from AP, Getty and more.

The video is available in the Maven2Maven room. Contact pubsupport for access if needed, or if you’d like Wochit login credentials.

Are You Ready for GDPR? BeingLiberal publisher Wojtek Wacowski recently posted this article in Maven2Maven about the new EU GDPR rule, short for General Data Protection Regulation. It takes effect in May and “focuses on ensuring that users know, understand, and consent to the data collected about them” and it absolutely affects US-based sites.

Because it’s complicated, even onerous in some respects, this is a piece of regulation that will be much easier for larger companies to comply with. The penalties for violations are severe, and there is no exception for small publishers. Maven has been working internally and with our advertising partners towards GDPR compliance, and that is certainly a benefit to members of the Maven coalition.

ICYMI: Info and video on the Maven/Say Media/HubPages triple merger. Please announce to your users and share with friends, family and colleagues.

Welcome Aboard! A warm welcome to our newest signed Mavens: Indian Country Today, covering Native American news, history, culture entertainment, sports, recipes, travel and more, and Today’s Mama, featuring parenting advice, family travel, food, technology and current events from a mom's perspective. And Seeking Alpha’s Nick Ward officially launched on Maven as Income-Minded Millenial.

Thank you for being part of the Maven coalition, and have a wonderful weekend.

Bill Sornsin, COO

Greg Witter, PR and Publisher Communications