Maven FAQ - welcome Say Media and HubPages!

A warm welcome to publishers, writers and moderators joining us from Say Media and HubPages, now part of the Maven coalition!

The following FAQ primarily covers the original community-oriented Maven platform aka "Salish".

For the "Tempest" platform Help Center, click here.

For FAQ and other useful info on HubPages, click here.

For more about the Maven company, including recent news, click here.


What are "Tempest", "Salish" and "HubPages"?

"Tempest" is the name of Say Media's publishing platform. It includes full-featured web authoring and other tools which, now that the companies have merged into Maven, will soon be brought to the original Maven platform, known internally as "Salish".

HubPages is an open community of authors writing about their passions. They may contribute just one article or many, which are then reviewed by HubPages on multiple criteria (including SEO power) and if approved, published on one of 26 topical sites. Given their focus on individual writers, HubPages has built a unique set of tools, which we also hope to bring to the Tempest and Salish platforms in time.

Site Setup

What are the recommended header image dimensions on desktop/mobile?

An image about 2,000 pixels wide works best, as it covers the full width of the header space. The height can be up to 300 pixels.

For mobile, the required size is 378 pixels wide by 168 pixels tall. The mobile image should also be transparent and typically a more basic version of the desktop header works best, since it needs to be readable on a mobile device.

How do I create a static page (e.g. “About” or “Team”) linked from the menu?

  • ​Go to the "Pages" room on your channel
  • Create a New Story and enter the content (for example: an About page saying "Scotty Kilmer has been a mechanic for 50 years and makes auto DIY videos...")
  • Once you publish the Story, click into it and copy the URL
  • Go to Top Stories and open the menu in the upper left corner.
  • Select Settings
  • Once in Settings, select Menu Items
  • In Menu Items, paste the URL into the middle column
  • Scroll down and click Save Channel Settings

Can I add a description at the top of my rooms?

  • ​Go to the desired room and open the menu in the upper left corner
  • Select Settings
  • Input text into the Header Markdown box

You may optionally use “markdown codes” for bold, italic etc. Common codes are supported but not fonts or code blocks.

Can I change the order of the rooms on my channel?

​Yes. To move the positioning of a room in the navigation, you need to go into the room's settings and adjust the "weight" between -99 and 99. The lower this number is, the closer it will appear to Top Stories. When we create new rooms, the default weight is 0.

**What are the Internal and Pages rooms on my channel for?**​

  • Internal is a private room where the site administrators (and anyone else the Publisher gives access to) can have conversations about the site. This can be a place where you talk about the content plan or strategy for the channel, or have discussions about moderation, issues with specific users, etc. As a private room, only those who have access will even see Internal in their room navigation.
  • Pages is the room where Publishers can create the posts that their menu items link to. For example, if you want to have a “Contact” page as a menu item, the actual post (“Contact our team by emailing…”) will be written in Pages. Like Internal, Pages is also a private room that only those given access can view.

How do I setup Google Analytics?

  • In GA, find your tracking info under Admin - Property. Clicking "Tracking Info" then "Tracking Code". You'll see a "tracking id" similar to "UA-96512345-1". Copy it.
  • Back on Maven, go to Top Stories, open the menu in the upper left corner, select Settings
  • Under Attributes, scroll down to "Google Analytics Tracking ID" and paste the ID into that text field. That's it.

Can I add a Facebook pixel ID?


  • Go to Top Stories, open the menu in the upper left corner, select Settings
  • Under Attributes, scroll down to "Facebook Pixel ID" and paste the ID into that text field.

Can I modify the way my links look when I share to social media?

Yes, you can control the description that'll show up in Google search results for your channel and also when you share links on social media. And you should - and here’s how:

  • On your home page, open the menu in the upper left corner, then choose Settings
  • Open the “SEO and Opengraph” section
  • You can customize everything here, including title, description and other fields, and then preview how it will look
  • “Save Channel Settings” (at page bottom) and you're good to go
  • You can also customize these settings for individual rooms, via room Settings

Publishing and Content Management

How do I choose what goes in the Featured Stories area?

  • Copy the URL of the story you want to feature
  • Go to your main page aka Top Stories
  • Open the menu in the upper left corner
  • Select Settings
  • Expand the Top Stories drop-down and click on the Add Top Story icon
  • Paste the story URL in the “conversation id” text field
  • As you add multiple stories, you can grab them with your cursor and adjust the order
  • Up to three stories can be featured (depending on the Channel Home Feature Layout you've selected, and any additional stories slotted in this menu will appear in the tiles directly below the carousel on the Top Stories page. This allows you to "override" the normal algorithm, which generally presents stories from the various rooms in order of publishing, with an extra boost for stories seeing high engagement (comments, likes, etc)

What are my Top Stories layout options?

Maven currently offers a few variations on how to display Top Stories:

  • OnePlusTwo: this features one large featured story image and two smaller thumbnails
  • OnePlusOne: one large featured story image, one smaller story and one 300x250 ad placement
  • One: Full bleed story that fills the entire page
  • If you have nothing slotted in the Top Stories section of your channel settings, your site will default to whatever sort order you have selected on your homepage (Newest, Popular, Latest Reply)

How do I get a featured story to appear in a specific room?

  • Click the ellipse icon (“...”) on the post you want to feature
  • Select “Pin this conversation". If you pin more than 3, the remainder will appear just below the featured area, at the top of the stream.

Can I display my full name as my byline instead of my username?

  • Click your user avatar to get to your profile page
  • Fill in the First Name and Last Name fields
  • Click the “Show First and Last Name” checkbox
  • Click Save Settings
  • This capability is only available to Publishers

What are the optimal image sizes for stories?

  • Images will be automatically resized to fit (700 pixels wide)
  • For primary story images, we strongly recommend landscape format (horizontal)
  • If it absolutely must be portrait format, add padding to left and right sides
  • We also have a resizing tool (the little pencil in the upper left corner of the image) that allows to change the size and justification of an image, as well as add a photo caption or credit.

Can I add a link to a photo?

Using markdown view, you can add a link to an image. Here's how:

  • Upload the image in the story body of a post
  • Go into markdown view and add brackets at the beginning and end of the image URL
  • Add in the desired link with parentheses

Like this: image url

What’s the best way to add audio to a post?

There are several options:

  • You can upload the mp3 file using the up-arrow icon next to the image uploader in the story editor
  • You can turn the audio into an mp4 file and upload it as a Maven video (the advantage being pre-roll ads that you won't get with an mp3)
  • We support embeds from Soundcloud, so you can paste a Soundcloud link directly in to the story and we'll render their player

How can I use an editorial workflow, to review draft stories before they go live?

Option 1

  • Create a private room accessible to your staff but not general public (every channel has an “Internal” and/or “Pages” room. If not, pubsupport can help)
  • Post stories requiring review to this room initially
  • Once editor deems a story read to “go live”, move it to desired public room: click the ellipse icon (“...”) at upper right of story, then select “Move this conversation” at bottom of menu

Option 2

Contact pubsupport to configure "publish to draft" or "publish to review" in any room. Drafts are visible only to publishers and editors, who can review these drafts. Then, by clicking the "..." on the story, you can change the access from draft to public to make it visible to everyone.

* Maven also has an autosave draft feature that we enable for all Publishers and their staff. Autosave drafts are only visible to the author.

Which embed types are supported on Maven?

The Maven platform currently supports the following embeds:

  • Facebook (which includes Facebook video links)
  • Twitter (including video)
  • YouTube
  • Instagram (including video)
  • Soundcloud
  • Vimeo
  • Audiomack
  • MP3

To embed one of these, simply copy the link and paste it into your Maven story - you will never need to use an embed code on Maven

If there's an embed type on this list that you'd like to add, contact pubsupport.

Which file types can I upload?

You can currently upload the following file types:

  • Images (jpg, png, gif)
  • Video (mp4, mov, avi)
  • mp3 files
  • PDF
  • Word docs

How do I control the look of Facebook posts when I share stories?

  • See the article here.

I deleted a story - can I change my mind and undelete?

  • Yes. Click "Show deleted messages" in the hamburger menu. You may need to refresh the page. You can then click the "ellipse" menu (...) and undelete the story.

Can you recommend some good sources for stock photos?

User Management and Moderation

How can I access the list of users who have followed my channel?

  • From your home page aka Top Stories open the menu in the upper left corner
  • Select Users
  • You may search by username or email or status (Group, Moderator, Publisher)

How do I make someone a moderator?

  • The user must first create an account and Follow your channel
  • If they’ve liked or commented on a conversation, their avatar will be visible - click on the avatar
  • Or - from your home page open the meny in the upper left, select Users, look up the user and click their username
  • This will take you to their User Profile
  • Expand the User Moderation drop-down
  • Scroll down and check the Moderator box
  • You can make them a moderator channel-wide, or room-by-room by expanding the Room Moderation drop-down

How do I ban users?

  • Banning should be a last resort. Before banning, consider sending a warning via DM (direct message)
  • Click their avatar or username to access their user profile page
  • Click the User Moderation dropdown
  • Your first set of choices are for channel-wide bans; or click Room Moderation to ban per-room
  • You have several options for banning:
  • Read-Only - user can read all posts but cannot comment
  • Full - user can neither read posts nor comment
  • Shadow - user can see everything and post normally, but nobody else sees what they post
  • Hide Avatar - check this if their avatar is inappropriate

How do I change my avatar?

  • When logged in, your avatar will appear on the left-side navigation
  • Click on the avatar, which will take you to your User Profile
  • In the upper left corner, click on the photo upload icon
  • Select your desired avatar image from your desktop

Where do I find messages flagged as spam or abuse?

  • Open the menu in the upper left corner of your site
  • Choose “Review Messages”
  • From this page, you can sort through all messages flagged as either spam or abuse
  • For messages that are flagged but aren’t actually abusive or spam, click the ellipse icon (“...”) and “Mark Reviewed”
  • For messages that are spam or abuse, you can delete the conversation

​How to File a Bug Report

As the platform evolves, and especially as new features arrive, there will be glitches. We test extensively at Maven, including heavy use of automation. But with literally millions of combinations of device types, screen sizes, OS versions, browser versions, network connections and other variables in the field, it’s not possible to test every variation, so your help is essential. Facebook, Google and others rely heavily on user feedback and so do we.

Describing the problem well helps us resolve it much faster. Here’s how:

  • Open a new email to
  • In your browser, copy/paste the URL of the relevant page(s)
  • Click here [] and copy/paste the User Agent and Screen Resolution info
  • Describe exactly what you tried to do, where you clicked, and what happened
  • Please include screenshot(s) if possible, especially if you got an error message

Thank you for helping make Maven better!

​User Features

[you may wish to draw from this for a site FAQ]

What’s the difference between a “story” and a “conversation”?

Try it! Stories give you more opportunity for expression, formatting etc but take a little extra time to create. Conversations are quick and easy, just start typing. Both stories and conversations support images, embeds, links etc

Will I know if someone replies to my post?

Yes, if you initiate a thread (“original poster”) you’ll get email notifications on replies.

Is there a way to "subscribe" and get notified about all new posts?

Sure - just click on any room, then the Options icon, then "Turn on notifications". You can do the same with any particular story, using the ellipse ("...") icon. And if you post a story or start a thread, you'll automatically be notified about any replies.

That’s potentially a lot of email, so instead you may prefer to go our home page and “Turn on story notifications”. That way you’ll get notified only on actual stories, not user conversations.

What about using an RSS reader?

Absolutely, see here for information.

Can I change my username?

No, your username is permanent. You may re-register with a different email if desired.

Can I include images and other embeds?

Yes, just paste the link, no embed code is required. We currently support Facebook (which includes Facebook video links), Twitter (including video), Youtube, Instagram, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Audiomack, MP3, JPG, GIF, PNG and more...

Do you have an app?

We have a great one for iOS, just click here from your iPhone. Or click here for the recently launched Android app! [PUBLISHERS: AllHipHop used as an example - we have site-specific link for you, please contact us]

An Android version is now available in the Google Play store as an "open beta" - we welcome your feedback on this test version.

What about feature X or Y or Z?

We’re adding new features to the platform almost weekly, so stay tuned!!!

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Hi to everyone.

Vincent Schilling
Vincent Schilling

Is there a way we could add credit info to photos before we publish? There are legal considerations here.



Definitely, slideshows are on the product roadmap, a popular request. General support for widgets or javascript is not planned. They tend to be slow and buggy, a key reason many WordPress sites load slowly, and generally don't work with apps. And as of May 25 GDPR compliance adds another wrinkle as you/we will be responsible for their usage of personal data. That said, we offer targetted, tested support of some specific embeds now (e.g. SoundCloud, Twitter, YT) and will consider doing the same for specific shopping embeds if there's sufficient publisher demand.


Will the Maven ever support shopping widgets or embeds, like Amazon, Ebay, Shopstyle, etc. for style bloggers? Also is there some type of capability for slideshows, like say you've covered an event and took a ton of photos, I'd prefer for people to horizontally swipe through a slideshow, than to post a ton of photos in a blog post where readers would have to scroll forever.


Just click the "pencil" icon to hide a rendered URL


Please add an FAQ about how a user can change the email address and password associated with their account. I would like to post this in my Pages room.


Please add an FAQ about embedding URLs so that are not rendered.