Book Review: Stay Away From The Libertarians!


A Coming of Age Story for the Millennial Libertarian

From the complexities of navigating the current libertarian community to the challenges facing libertarians in the modern political sphere, Martinez’s new book, Stay Away From the Libertarians is a coming of age story for the millennial libertarian.

Martinez narrates his own journey from Romney Republican to Ron Paul revolutionary, accompanied with dry wit and self-deprecating humor. From watching videos on Youtube and diving into the philosophical greats like Hayek and Friedman, to dedicating himself to student activism, Martinez chronicles a journey taken by many of us within the pro-liberty community.

The hurdles and challenges detailed throughout the book, from high school to college, resonate with the battles faced by all who dared to go against the grain of identity politics, progressive or conservative.

This book will be of particular interest to individuals who found their way into the “liberty” community through campus organizations like Students For Liberty and Young Americans For Liberty. Martinez brings the reader along on a journey first of discovery, when he found SFL at Cato University, his first week long seminar (may it be IHS, Mises, or Cato, there is a high likelihood you were affected by a similar week shut away with other libertarians), and then on his path to advocacy. From attending the International Students For Liberty Conference to road tripping to his first regional conference, Martinez’s journey with SFL is an adventure many of us know well.

I was particularly happy with the books comparison of SFL and YAL to similar groups on the progressive left. We may at times be trolls, but Martinez points out that no matter the difference of opinion, we fight those we disagree with via speech, instead of violence. To quote Martinez simply, “When violence is somehow justified for everything you want, you have just broken the Golden Rule of libertarianism.”

Aside from the political humor and autobiography, Stay Away From the Libertarians highlights the prevalent behaviors and issues holding back libertarians from entering permanently into the mainstream political discussion. To find out what Martinez suggests these issues are, I suggest grabbing a copy of the book for yourself, you can get it on Amazon here. What is so delightful about Martinez’s work, is he puts forth a framework for evolving, weaving together examples from AMC’s Mad Men and Ayn Rand’s, The Fountainhead. I find that this strategy is both delightful (I am a big fan of both the show and the book) and a nice way to make the medicine go down easy.

Whether you are looking for a comedic read, a trip down memory lane, or for solutions to the problems you have experienced yourself on your own libertarian journey, Stay Away From the Libertarians is the perfect addition to your already overflowing bookshelf.