LibertyCon 2018: After-Action Report

SFL Staff

Boasting 1,200+ attendees, dozens of media outlets, 60+ sponsors, and many of our top donors, LibertyCon was a massive success!

Here are just a few highlights:

The Awards Dinner

At LibertyCon, we were proud to host our annual Awards Dinner, recognizing the most impactful students, groups, and events of the year. You can read about all the nominees here.

And the winners are. . .

Student of the Year: Aimable Manirakiza

Aimable organized the first Francophone African events, including more than 30 events in 20 universities in Burundi, Rwanda, and the DRC and the African Great Lakes Regional Conference, which have attracted over 1,000 students.Group of the Year: Georgian Students For LibertyIn the past year alone, GSFL has organised two regional conferences — one for around 100 students in Batumi and another for over 900 students in Tbilisi in November 2017, making it the largest Regional Conference ever hosted in Europe.Event of the Year: Holocaust Survivor Irving Roth hosted at an event in FloridaStudents For Liberty at the University of Florida worked with partners on campus to bring Holocaust survivor Irving Roth to speak about the warning signs to watch out for the rise of fascism. More than 500 people attended this event.

An Exclusive Appearance from John Mackey

C-SPAN Coverage

On our opening night, we were delighted to be joined by C-SPAN2 who provided live coverage of our entire opening night, including SFL CEO Dr. Wolf von Laer’s opening remarks and Reason’s Nick Gillespie interviewing Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report! You can watch the C-SPAN coverage here.

To all those who came out to Washington for LibertyCon, thank you and we hope you enjoyed your time with us! To all our supporters, none of this would be possible without your contributions and support and everyone at Students For Liberty joins me in saying thank you very much. After this year’s LibertyCon, we can’t wait for next year’s. See you there!