Jeremiah Baky, SFL North America

SFL Staff

Jeremiah Baky and others from his SFL group at Troy University in Alabama went out on campus this week to raise money to help get their group members to ISFLC.

The SFL group started selling Peruvian bracelets and raffle tickets for a firearm in hopes of raising enough funds to offset the costs of travel and lodging for ISFLC and making it more feasible for more of their members to attend such an unforgettable event.

Jeremiah has been extremely helpful getting over 13 registrants for the Liberty Bus passing through Birmingham, Alabama.

Due to Jeremiah’s efforts, other Campus Coordinators are looking to host similar events to fundraise to help get their group members to ISFLC as well!

UPDATE: MARCH 31, 2017

CC Jeremiah Baky teams up with on campus organization to host a Valentine’s Day Dance

Jeremiah teamed up with the Spectrum Alliance group on campus at Troy University to host a Valentine’s Day Dance to raise funds for each organization & recruit new members.

SFL’s portion of the raised funds were used to help fund their organization’s trip to Washington, D.C., for the International Students For Liberty Conference from Friday, Feb. 17, through Sunday, Feb. 19.

It was overall an effective event for both recruiting new members and raising $100 for the SFL group on campus, while also earning media.

CC Jeremiah Baky earns media for being effective leader

Jeremiah was featured in an article on traits of an effective leader.

Jeremiah is quoted as saying,“A good leader is willing to do what needs to get done — someone who genuinely cares about their followers and is willing to help and teach them along the way.”

“Students especially need to be open-minded so as not to succumb to the pitfalls of former generations’ ignorance; and most of all, we need to learn from others and be open to criticisms and new ways of doing things along the way,” he said.

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