Jessica Murphy, SFL North America

Jessica is an outspoken advocate for liberty.

SFL Staff

Jessica Murphy, a Campus Coordinator in Wisconsin, recently had a blog post published by the MacIver Institute, a free market think tank based in Wisconsin. In her blog, Jessica highlighted the ‘Top Five Wasteful Classes’ provided by the University of Wisconsin system, which is a system of public universities funded by the Wisconsin taxpayer.

One of the classes the blog targeted as wasteful was Teaching for Social Justice, a course whose syllabus specifically aims to instill in the teachers of tomorrow a sensitivity to address injustices viewed through a lens of identity politics giving sex/race/class/sexuality a prominent place in the course’s analysis.

As Jessica said in her blog post, “A portion of the participation grade is based on whether or not students were inclusive and supported other students expressing their thoughts. This is college, not charm school – and these students (and taxpayers!) are essentially paying hundreds of dollars for a course on how to be nice to people.”

The story doesn’t end there. The professor in charge of Teaching for Social Justice posted Jessica’s article on social media, and a slew of vile comments came forth. One comment pointed out Jessica’s birthplace of South Africa and insinuated that she was continuing the troubled history of race relations in South Africa. Rather than address the actual content of Jessica’s post, people were more keen to provide personal attacks based on who she is and what her background is.

These insults are totally unwarranted and without ground. Jessica aims to create a freer society and making the citizens of Wisconsin aware of what their tax dollars are being spent on is an essential part of that.

Jessica is undeterred by these threats and will continue her fight for a freer future.

If you want to support students like Jessica, please invest in liberty today. It is tax-deductible and will change lives for the better!



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