Sam Dunkovich, SFL North America

SFL Staff

Previously a Students For Liberty Regional Director, Sam Dunkovich has recently taken on the position of Programs Coordinator at the Independent Institute. In this role some of Sam’s responsibilities include redesigning the Summer Seminars program to be even more appealing to young adults who love liberty.

When he first entered college, Sam described himself as a “typical social democrat,” even writing his first paper in favor of universal healthcare. Soon, he attended meetings of different political groups on campus to expand his worldview, which led to him being introduced to the ideas of liberty.

Sam’s first exposure to Students For Liberty was through a Regional Conference in Chicago, and later that year, he decided he wanted to be a part of SFL. He became a Campus Coordinator and that position later led to him becoming the Midwest Regional Director, overseeing all the Campus Coordinators in his region.

Sam’s efforts were instrumental in expanding SFL’s reach in Wisconsin and the Midwest. As he relates, “When I first became a Campus Coordinator, I was the first one that I know of ever in Wisconsin. The following year I had over six Campus Coordinators in the state with even more this year. We also had the first ever Wisconsin Regional Conference which had one of the largest amount of attendees of any conference in North America. To me this really showed my work made an impact and I hope to continue seeing Wisconsin SFL fight and grow for the cause of liberty.”

When asked about SFL, Sam fondly looks back on his time with the organization. He says, “Without SFL I don’t think I would have the job or life I have today. Through my time with SFL I have gained a ton of leadership skills and confidence in myself. I also gained a range of skills from events planning to teamwork and management. These specific skills were what got me my job, especially my experience planning and running the Midwest Regional Conferences in Wisconsin and Michigan in 2016.” Sam is thrilled to be working with the Independent Institute and we look forward to seeing his hard work help bolster the Independent Institute.

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