Libertarians You’ve Never Heard Of: Raymond Cyrus “R.C.” Hoiles

SFL Staff

It’s important to learn from intellectual giants like Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard, but there are many unsung heroes that are also worth exploring. In thiseducational series, we hope to introduce students to such individuals. While not all of the figures profiled here explicitly identified as libertarian, they made great contributions to the cause of liberty that are worth acknowledging.

“Government should exist only to try to protect the rights of every individual, not to redistribute the property, manipulate the economy, or establish a pattern of society.”– Raymond Cyrus “R.C.” Hoiles

Who: Raymond Cyrus “R.C.” Hoiles (1878-1970) was an American newspaper publisher; he bought several newspapers and was the president of Freedom Newspapers, Inc.

Why he matters: R.C. is important to the libertarian movement because throughout his life he advocated freedom through his newspapers. He was a man of principle and always stood up for his beliefs; he reflected his commitment to them in his quote: “What this country needs as much as anything else are newspapers that believe in moral principles and have enough courage to express these principles and point out practices and beliefs that violate moral principles. A newspaper that only tries to run editorials and columnists and news items that are popular is of mighty little value to its readers.” Hoiles’ major concern was government’s public education. He argued passionately for a voluntary, private school system; his libertarian spirit mainly advocated freedom in education and he spent the last years of his life writing about it. The California Press Association honored him posthumously as a “Great Crusader for Individual Freedom.”

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