SFL Staff

by John Knetemann

Many have taken a step back from anti-war activism for the past couple years. We need your help now. With the recent missile strikes on Syrian military bases, war rears its ugly head for the United States again. Let it not be said that we did nothing to fight against further aggression!

In addition to humanitarian concerns associated with further escalating the violence in Syria, there is the issue of Constitutionality with regard to such strikes. Military intervention requires Congressional approval and, though presidents haven’t paid this much mind for years now, it’s an important issue for all Americans to consider.

We need your help on campus. Student activism has always been an important outlet and front against U.S. war efforts, and there is no reason that should stop now. On campus, you should be fighting against the next war.

Here are a few recommendations:

1.Table or demonstrate on campus and take pictures of student support:

  • A great way to engage students, and make them more passionate about anti-war efforts is to give them an outlet.
  • You can set up a table with blank poster papers or printer paper in which students can write down why they are against the war. They can then take a picture with their sign and post it to their social media accounts.
  • Or, take a page out of CC Jeremiah Baky’s book and give them a literal soapbox. Encouraging students to speak their mind is great for campus activism. All it takes is a megaphone and a small platform.
  • Also, this is a perfect time to give them some anti-war literature! Check out SFL’s downloadable book Peace, Love, Liberty here, and order some posters with the same message today.

2.Make medicine, not war (or anything but war):

  • Run a fundraising event for a Syrian benefit group. A bake sale is the most obvious choice, but I have even see students offer massages on campus to raise money (and with finals coming up, the stress on campus is high).
  • An organization I particularly like is Doctors without Borders. Their Syrian page can be found here.
  • CC Stephen Lusk recommends getting in touch with No Lost Generation, a non-profit that focuses on providing humanitarian aid, resources, and support to children affect by the wars in Iraq and Syria.

3.Host a movie screening with a discussion after. Some movie suggestions:

4.Join the anti-war protests:

These are just a few ideas to get you started. If you think of any others or if you do any anti-war activism on campus, I would love to hear about it. Please email me about it at j**knetemann@studentsforliberty.org.**

I, also, would love to see pictures! Send those to the above address as well. Remember, let it not be said that we did nothing! Lives, American and Syrian, are at risk!


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