Do you ever lie awake at night contemplating your love life?

As a libertarian, you may think about how wonderful it would be to be spooning another individual who whispers in your ear, “Taxation is Theft.” Correct me if I am wrong, but these simple three words can sometimes translate into “I love you” to many smitten libertarians. If you’re someone like me, a twenty-something, hopeless romantic with a fiery passion to dismantle the state, you might be desiring to share your sense of rebellion with a like-minded companion(s).

If you have or have not found your liberty lover, here are 17 reasons why dating another libertarian is one of the best experiences you can ever have:

1.Similar Values

It’s very likely that you both value freedom and individuality. This means that you both give each other the space and the understanding to be two happy individuals on your own. Each of you have your own personalities, goals, interests, and hobbies. You enjoy spending time together because you understand that your partnership adds meaning into your lives. Plus, there’s less neediness and dependency within the relationship. This is likely to foster a healthy relationship.

2.Sharing Book Collections

“Oh, I see that you’re reading The Road to Serfdom, can I borrow that once you’re done with it?”

3.Others May Perceive You as the Ultimate Power Couple


4.Deep, Purposeful Conversations

You can contemplate the world’s problems and your entrepreneurial plans with a greater understanding of each other. Both of you probably think about these things a lot, so it’s not awkward to propose a new purposeful topic into your daily conversations.

5.Attend Libertarian Events Together

“Want to go to LibertyCon with me on March 2?”

“Hell yes. Count me in!”

6.Libertarian Babies

But this gets tricky because you’re fully aware that you don’t want to indoctrinate your own children into believing your libertarian ideologies, but you always wanted to share your wisdom to your offspring one day.

7.Goodnight Texts That Say, “Sweet Dreams. Taxation is Theft.”

You can’t say goodnight that way to a statist without starting an argument. So, say those simple three words to your libertarian lover whenever you get the chance. They’ll understand you perfectly.

8.You Laugh at the Same Jokes

You no longer have to look through the Libertarian Dank Meme Stash all on your own.

9.You Probably Listen to the Same Podcasts

“Check out this episode of Tom Woods. I think you’ll like it.”

10.You’ll Have Enough Differences To Keep Things Interesting For a While

Since you both embrace your individuality, you probably have enough differences to keep the sparks alive. Just don’t let your differences further divide the movement or make claims like “You aren’t a true libertarian.”

11.The Gender Ratio May Play in Your Favor

That is, if you’re a female seeking a male.

12.You Can Constantly Remind Your Partner, “Don’t Be a Statist.”

This is especially important when one of you accidentally makes a comment about how “some” state regulations has its benefits. The nice thing about this insult is that the other person will never feel offended about it.

13.Less Fighting About Politics

“I am so pissed off that Trump is not letting trans people enroll into the military.”

“I am so pissed off that we even have a military. We’re spending millions of dollars just to kill innocent people.”

“Well, I can’t argue with that.”

*discussion over*

14.…But Not Always

15.You Can Use Encrypted Messages So The State Will Never Know About Your Profound Love

Apps like Signal and Wickr Messenger are where it’s at… babe.

16.Your Partnership Will Create a Sense of Belonging and Community

Being loved and feeling connected with another like-minded individual makes you feel like you belong in this world. It also creates more connections with like-minded individuals. You have libertarian friends, they have libertarian friends, let’s have everyone meet!


You’re free, I’m free, we’re all free… let’s get it on! 😉

Note: Although the language used in this post is heavily targeted toward heterosexual and mono-relationships, this list still applies to non-heterosexual and non-monogamous relationships. Feel free to change the language as it may apply to your lifestyle.