Culture, Government, and the New World

The new world is art, like this painting by Michael Tompsett.

SFL Staff

Welcome to the new world. We are living in a period of complete customization and all-encompassing personalization. Every single thing we own and everything we do can be altered to our exact liking. Our world is getting smaller. Information is getting easier to transfer. Everything about our lives is becoming more specialized. Choice surrounds us. Customized music selections via Pandora radio, movie and TV choices via Netflix, RSS feeds with any hodgepodge of blogs imaginable, phones with any app we could ever want, and so on. This new world of choice is courtesy of the tech revolution, and our antiquated political structure can’t seem to catch up.

Seth Godin, entrepreneur and author, writes extensively on how we have completely changed our economy and world in the past twenty years due to this revolution. Our world is built on newness. Technology has given us all the ability to become artists and impact culture in a new way. Jay-Z echoed these sentiments as he promoted his latest album under the sail of “new rules” regarding art and culture. Jeffrey Tucker writes that this new, beautiful world of opportunity is built on Hayekian spontaneous order. This economy has new rules brought to us by the internet, crafted for us by entrepreneurs, and delivered to us by the youth and culture.

As a result, the game is different. The advent of the internet has spawned an information and opportunity revolution that will never be reversed. There is a market for creation. The modern world seems to say “Go, create your job. Go be an entrepreneur, go be an artist, go interact with the world; there is nothing stopping you. You can be anything you like. You don’t need a resume. You need access to a computer, a smile, and a passion for your individual art; whatever that may be. You can be the next Kanye West , the next F.A. Hayek, the next Seth Godin, or the next great artist. Who is stopping you?”

Young people are begging entrepreneurs, of every kind, to creatively destruct all possible markets. We itch at the chance for Yasiel

Artist’s like Kendrik Lamar are the people who inspire the new generation.

Puig and Kendrick Lamar to showcase to the world their talents. This is the new, exciting, vibrant, and spontaneous free world of our generation. Yet, despite the wealth of changes we go through, politics remains. This world does not exist in a political realm. Static, boring, ineffective politics lingers with the same archaic codes. There are no new rules, no enhanced customization or specialization.

Everything about government remains fixed, and everything about politics remains poisonous while everything about our new world is lucid. We still rely on 535 people in one city to dictate the laws and rules for 310 million people. This phenomenon is truly baffling. There are no redeeming qualities about the political process: it’s messy, it’s deceptive, and it attracts the “worst”. There is no soul to politics as there is in liberalism. Politics is cold, unforgiving, manipulative and yet we assume that a system which conjures up those adjectives is prepared to solve the biggest problems facing our nation?

It’s time to ask ourselves what who can channel the pulse of society in a more dynamic way: Jay-Z or John McCain? Who solves problems quicker: Elon Musk or Jack Lew? Who inspires us more: Jennifer Lawrence or Nancy Peloisi? Politicians are years behind the sentiments of the American people, as well as the ideas of entrepreneurs and artists. In our technology-driven, new- rules world, how have we not begun advancing past politics?

It’s time to set politics aside. What else so stringently remains from the older generations that we fearfully cling to? We must progress. It is time to allow the specialization of our modern world to overtake the political process. We are all individuals. We are all artists in our own right, and we can and should decide how to live our lives accordingly. Similarly, we are not just voters. We are creators with a story. Politics functions to box individuals in; acting as a divider between the “good” or “bad” guys– a fun way to go about sporting events, but not the way for a flourishing society to organize itself.

The market does not crave politics. The market is starving for innovation, something unique, something provocative, something magical that creates value for people. Fashion, music, movies, sports, art, language, and culture are everywhere. We love it, we crave it, and we make it. Politics is everywhere as well. We avoid it, we hate it, it makes us worse, and we hardly even participate in it. Forget politics. Our generation will change the world because we realize the keys to success are through creativity, art, decentralization, spontaneity, and human interaction. Entrepreneurial and passionate young people are the ultimate resource, and continuing to become more influential. There’s no time for partisan bickering; we have a world to change. We have projects to embark on. We have major problems to solve. We have freedom to spread. We are better than politics. We are art.