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"We watched the film — I think at least for me and I know a lot of other guys do this, too — I put down, write down, in my notebook emphases for the day; I put down three things. And then I’ll take away some things from the scrimmage and say, ‘Well, maybe I did one or two of those things well, but now I have three more things to improve on.’ And I have to keep improving on the one thing I didn’t improve on in the scrimmage."

Players on both sides of the ball said that there were good and bad things by both the offense and the defense, there wasn't a clearcut winning side during the scrimmage held Saturday at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

So when Williams said he thought the offensive line did well, and is showing signs of gelling better as a unit, his focus remains on some specific details.

“You can’t look at a big picture and say, ‘Did the O-Line do well?’ You have to look at it as each individual guy has X, Y, and Z to work on," he said. "Going forward into the walk-through we did this morning, the practice tonight, the practice tomorrow. There’s a lot between now, the scrimmage and the actual season starting.”

As for his three things, he gave an example: “Keep my shoulders square in pass pro after three sets; your right foot starts to turn outside and your shoulders start to turn, so keeping that forward. Left hand inside on the frontside outside zone in man blocks. Stuff like that.

“I try to be very specific with it instead of just going in there and say, ‘I just want to create movement.’ You know what I mean? You’re just going to go out there and try to hit a guy way hard, and he’s going to get his hands in your chest and you’re going to get blown back. That’s not how it works.”