New Jersey police shoot unarmed shirtless man in a front yard

Officers say that the man was holding a bomb when they decided to shoot him but witnesses say he was unarmed

Multiple videos surfaced online yesterday of Vineland Police officers shooting a shirtless man as he was walking around a front yard.

A call came through the 911 emergency line of a man acting suspicious. Around 11:22 a.m. multiple police arrive on scene, according to the Daily Journal.

The first video was posted by Tina Wainwright on Facebook of what happened before the shooting.

A minute and ten seconds into the video you can see the man pacing forwards and backwards.

He paces for about thirty seconds and then decides to crouch and sway till two minutes and twenty-five seconds into it and then proceeds to walking forwards and backwards again for the remainder of the video.

A second video was posted on Facebook Live by Ryonna Maven.

Mavens video starts out while the man is crouch and swaying.

“They out this bitch deep,” Maven says as she pans over the 5 patrol vehicles.

Two minutes and fifteen seconds into the second video Maven can be heard telling the people watching live that they are making people back up and move.

Thirty seconds after you can see that the K9 has gotten a lot closer than in the first video.

“They got guns all on his ass, he’s getting closer to the fucking dog,” Maven says within ten seconds of the K9 appearing.

Immediately after, the man attempts to flee and the officers fired multiple shots.

“Oh my God! They just killed him. Oh my God. Oh my fucking God. Oh my God, and the dog is biting his fucking face,” Maven says.

Maven then tries to get closer by running to the adjacent corner of the intersection.

“They making the dog bite him,” Maven says three and a half minutes into the video.

She repeats once more around three minutes and forty-five seconds.

At that point the officers shift their focus from trying to help get the dog off of the man to the crowd of witnesses.

Around four minutes into the video you can hear an officer yell out for “crowd control” as witnesses started to all gather up on that corner of the intersection.

“Back up, back the fuck up,” an officer can be heard demanding.

Thirty seconds go by from when she last said that the dog was attacking till she says that they put him in handcuffs.

Maven says five minutes into the video repeating an officer:

“Talking about he had a bomb.”

“You can see what the fuck is in his hands,” a witness says.

The crowd continues to yell as the officers push them away from the scene so they can tape off the area.

According to Press of Atlantic City:

““If he had a gun, it would have been different,” she said. “He didn’t have no gun.”

Maven described the man as Hispanic and in his late 20s.”

The prosecutor’s office confirmed that it’s leading the investigation as per state attorney general guidelines for incidents that involve use of force by police, according to the Daily Journal.