This Is Not Your Grandfather’s AT&T


This Is Not Your Grandfather’s AT&T


I have had several readers request that I do an article on AT&T (T). Since the company has just reported earnings, which have thus far received a strong and positive reaction from Wall Street, I thought now would be a good time.

Following their earnings report, an article published on July 25, 2017 at 4:17 PM EDT in Bloomberg Technology led off with this provocative title: “AT&T Shares Jump Most In 8 Years On Surprise Mobile Gains.”

Here is a short excerpt from the article, however, for those interested in investing in AT&T, I suggest they follow the above link and read the entire article:

“AT&T Inc. shares surged the most in more than eight years after the telecommunications giant posted a surprise wireless subscriber gain in the second quarter, showing it can fend for itself in a cutthroat price war.

Second-quarter earnings topped estimates, and wireless customers rose by 127,000, compared with analysts’ average projection for a loss of 22,713. An offer for unlimited wireless data, bundled with discounted streaming-TV service, helping AT&T bide its time while awaiting regulatory approval to transform into a media powerhouse through the $85.4 billion purchase of Time Warner Inc.

AT&T rose as much as 5.2 percent to $38.09, the biggest intraday gain since March 2009.”

However, what is currently happening to AT&T’s stock price is a short-term reaction - positive as it may be. Nevertheless, I believe the more important questions are is AT&T a good long-term investment, and perhaps more importantly, what kind of an investor is AT&T an appropriate option for? In order to effectively answer these questions, it’s important to recognize the specific investment opportunities that AT&T offers long-term. I will start off by suggesting a possible answer to the second question by restating comments I previously made on what type of an investor that I believe AT&T is appropriate for, and later I will address whether or not AT&T is a good long-term total return investment.

Disclosure: Long T.

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