Gift Guide for Everyone on Any Budget


Find gift ideas for everyone on your list that will fit any budget.

The holiday season is here, and the times for gift giving sneaks up even faster, it seems. You might just be getting around to the panic-stricken stage of wondering just what exactly to buy for all of your friends and family. There are just too many choices to think of! Luckily, here is a brief list of the possible gifts for myriad of interests those close to you may have, and just in time for the big rush of holiday shopping.


Everyone has that certain someone in their group who just loves to cook and eat food. They constantly tell you of the new spices and herbs they’ve incorporated into their dishes. While you may often find it to be a repetitive conversation, it is what they enjoy most. A really easy gift to go for would be a fancy, new set of cooking utensils, or a new pan/pot they’ve been wanting. But those are a bit too easy. This season, look for something special like a home pasta or sausage maker. They are thoughtful pieces that allow the recipient to have some fun in the kitchen!

Beauty Fanatics

For those close to you who are obsessed with the latest styles and beauty trends, a new set of makeup is the easy way to go. If you know exactly what they like or are interested in, go for it. But if you are not completely sure, it would be safer to go for a new set of makeup brushes, a beauty box monthly subscription, or even a new makeup box for them to keep their favorites in. This way, you need not worry about preference, and each will be something they can use immediately.

Car Lovers

This is the real deal. Buying someone a new car is a gesture that is almost unmatched. Either the person you gift it to simply needs a new one, or you are keen on expressing just how much they mean to you. Either way, when looking for a new car, it is best to know what they like, but also what their lifestyle is. Going for a sturdy hatchback or 6 cylinder engine is best for adventurous of outdoorsy types, while a van or SUV is perfect for those with a large family. If a new car isn’t in your budget, buying an item that will go to use on or in their car is just as thoughtful. A new rack for the roof, or new floor mats are a perfect place to start.

Athletes/Sports Fans

Do you have an athlete in the family? Or perhaps simply an avid sports fan? For those in your circle who love to get out and play, buying them a much-needed upgrade in gear or team memorabilia is never a poor choice. Get that hockey player a new stick, or that baseball player a new bat or glove. For the fans in your life, a new jersey is always well received, or tickets to the big game!

Artists/Creative Types

Art supplies run fairly pricey for those who live on an artist’s usual budget. A new set of paints, canvases, or brushes are a great way to start. But supplies are not the only way to go. You can also look into community classes that you can get them signed up for, or tickets to an event in your area. You can indeed by a nice painting or piece of artwork, but this does require knowledge of their preferred taste.

Whatever you choose to give your friends and family this season, remember that the thought is what matters. As long as you put a bit of thought into what you’re getting, it will surely be appreciated. At the end of the day, the best gift to give anyone is spending your time with them and embracing what makes you so close in the first place!