Students For Liberty

The world's largest pro-liberty, activist and leadership-building student organization.


One of the most significant student-led political organizations in the world, Students For Liberty, will launch its channel on Maven in 2018.

Students For Liberty has used the Web and social media to promote its mission, leadership training programs and academic resources for nearly a decade; it will now harness the distribution power of Maven to amplify passionate student voices and build community across the globe.

Students For Liberty, founded in 2008 on the cornerstones of academic depth and activism, aims to educate young people about the philosophy of liberty, where the rights of all people in all areas of their lives are respected. Students For Liberty accomplishes this by helping young people learn about the principles of a free society, and by identifying those young people who are already supportive of liberty and providing them with resources to spread the ideas.

Every year, Students For Liberty trains thousands of students to become active on campus, organizes hundreds of events, and brings in tens of thousands of attendees, all with the goal of bringing about a freer society.