The Cascade Forum

Bringing right and left, and both sides of the Cascades, together for political discussion.


Cascade Forum's mission is to coalesce great minds on both sides of the left-right political spectrum around one state-of-the-art digital media locale.

State and local issues are a central theme, but federal issues -- as viewed from the Northwest corner of the nation -- are a key part of the dialogue as well. The focus is twofold: 1) to advance political discussion through facts, policy analysis, reasoned opinion and civil debate and 2) to provide the residents of Washington state an avenue to share their thoughts via moderated community forums.

The founder of Cascade Forum is Greg Witter, a strategic communications consultant in Seattle with a deep history in politics, journalism and business. He is a one-time U.S. House and Senate press secretary who later spent many years in senior management at Alaska Airlines. He began his professional career as a journalist, winning numerous awards for his work as a business writer and sports reporter for daily newspapers in the Pacific Northwest.

Christopher Berg