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Life is Short. Live it Well.
Life is Short. Live it Well. Welcome to Ultimate Expeditions® - The Best Adventures on Earth. Ultimate Expeditions® was born out of our need for movement, ...


You either make it happen or you don't. You will find in life that experiences far outweigh acquiring things. Going around the world to new places is awesome and I certainly have had my share of trips but I believe the way to go now is adventure travel.

There are many tour companies around the world who run these types of services but my focus has been climbing the Seven Summits @NFL2SevenSummits

Specifically, I use a company called International Mountain Guides or IMG. They are professional guides who set up trips to climb the worlds most exotic peaks including the Seven Summits which are the highest peaks on each continent. Everything is organized from travel, pickup, meals and support people to get you up and down the mountain safely.

Another company that I don't know much about is Ultimate Expeditions but looks pretty cool. Their motto is Life is Short, Live it Well. They recently sent me a promotional email with a fantastic video which I wanted to share.

They are many adventure travel companies out there for the person looking for an amazing trip but not necessarily climbing Mt Everest. Whatever company you use, make it happen. You will never regret it!

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For most of my life, I was not too interested in the travel experience simply because I did not think that it was for me. However, for the past couple years I have been wanting to travel more and more in order to gain experience, since those are the memories you will remember instead of what you bought when you were in your 20's.


Definitely making me want to plan a summer adventure in the near future.