Holy Smokes!! I just about froze my ass off on Denali...

Mark Pattison

I recently returned from Denali up in Alaska and it was everything I was told before. Tough, cold, challenging etc. We flew into the glacier and started our journey at 7,800'. What made this expedition difficult was that we had to carry our own 60lb packs and also another 70lbs which we dragged behind us on sleds.

We climbed in snowshoes or crampons the entire time and made our way up the steepest snow hills while sleeping everynight in minus 25 degrees. We shared 3 man tents but have never been so cold. We camped at 14,200' and got up to 16,400' but could advance to the top due to minus 60 degrees on the summit. We waited for 5 days in our tents but the weather wouldn't cooperate.

Mother nature won this round which means I will be back on Denali next year to try again. I lost 17 pounds which is alot for me and felt beat up when I returned but I am now recovered and can't wait to get at it again.

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Sounds like an incredible experience, sorry to hear that the weather was not being kind to your plans however! Next year will hopefully be better!