My podcast interview with climbing legend Lou Whittaker

Mark Pattison

He led the first ascent up the North Col on Mt. Everest in 1984 and has summited Mt. Rainier over 250 times with various clients among others. He now lives in Sun Valley, Idaho and Ashford and still enjoys the outdoors.

Interviewing him was a special privilege, as Mark grew up watching both Lou and his twin brother Jim scale peaks around the northwest. Lou and served as Mark’s inspiration to start climbing. Listen here:

“Challenge is the main spring of all human endeavor.” – Lou Whittaker

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Mark  Pattison
Mark Pattison

That is so awesome! Don't know Peter but all good things about him. Tune in for my next podcast w/ a guy that was attacked by a 15' Tiger shark and survived.


Incredible interview with Lou. Very true about Ashford, "Why isn't it just named Whittaker?" A family of legends and climb idols. I had the privilege to climb with his son, Win this summer and I'll never forget it.