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I feel very fortunate to have been invited to Tanzania to be apart of an organization that Chris Long of the New England Patriots founded 3 years ago. He saw what I witnessed 5 years ago. Women walking miles with 5 gallon buckets on their head to find water and bring back to their families.

For us, we walk to the faucet, turn on a nob and out comes water. For so many in Africa, water is life and without clean water, people die and communities aren't sustained.

We were asked to raise $15,000 per person (it cost $45,000 to build a well) so we could collectively raise enough money to fund 2 wells. We did it! We raised over $150,000 but the real treat was visiting the village where a well had been built. It was amazing to see how grateful they were to us.

After visiting the villages, we entered into the Serengeti and saw so many amazing animals like Giraffes, Zebra's and Gazelles. So inspiring to see these animals in their natural habitat.

Once we were done with our mini safari, we headed towards Mt Kilimanjaro which is Africa's highest mountain at 19,341'. This was my second time climbing this mountain so I knew what I was in for. It was super inspiring to climb with other NFL players, and a few of the War Vets were disabled (1 blind person and 2 amputee's).

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Truly a great cause going on here!


Hi Caroline, isn't this a great article?