Returning to Denali

Mark Pattison

I spent most of May in Alaska trying to summit Denali which used to be called Mt McKinley. Always known for its super cold temperatures, it proved to be exactly that. The pro of climbing during May is less crevasse danger as you navigate up the mountain but certainly colder temperatures.

The downside is coming off winter months with tons of snow and super cold temps. In fact, it was minus 25 in our tent each night and minus 60 at the top. We could see a cloud just sitting on the top and obviously didn't want to risk our lives (or toes and fingers) trying to summit so we wanted 5 days in a tent.

As Ed Viesturs likes to say, it's not about the top, it's about coming down. Mother nature won this round which means I need to go back again next year to get to the top. Life is a journey so I will be back at it again ready to go! Onward..