The Benefits of Yoga


In yoga, we breathe and move into poses to increase flexibility, strength, balance, focus and a calm mind. Yoga has been practiced for centuries, in many different forms, incorporating physical movement, breathing techniques and meditation. This ancient practice guides us to the present moment, encourages a less-reactive state, and prepares our body and mind for deep relaxation.

Through each practice, the benefits increase. There are many different styles and ways to practice. Yoga is for everyone, all body types, all ages, and injuries (physical and emotional), and it begins with one deep breath… inhale, and exhale.

Here is a GREAT video of 3 Yoga Poses for Tight Hips!

Join Jennifer on the beach as she walks through 3 KEY POSES to gain more flexibility in your hips. Oftentimes, we spend hours sitting in the car or at our desk. Regularly practicing these 3 poses will help you counteract the negative effects sitting has on your body.

For more helpful poses and full yoga practices, join Jennifer on