Colin O’Brady, from burned victim to becoming the first person to do the Grand Slam in 139 days!


Though doctors predicted he would never walk again, today, Colin has completed multiple triathlons, gained sponsorships, and become the speed record holder for climbing the seven summits in addition to the North and South Pole.

In this episode, we will be discussing:

  • How Colin’s roots in the Northwest fueled his need for adventure
  • Colin’s decision to stray from the paved path and travel the world
  • The tragedy that struck Colin in rural Thailand
  • How Colin’s mother inspired him to look toward the future during recovery
  • How Colin became a triathlete only 18 months after his injury
  • Channeling positivity and making a plan to accomplish any goal
  • How Colin’s first athletic sponsor found and invested in him
  • Colin’s mission to spread a message by beating multiple world records
  • The subtle things Colin had to do to keep himself healthy while climbing
  • Colin’s big plans for the future

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: