Dianette Wells on Conquering the Seven Summits to Overcoming the Tragic Loss of Her Amazing Son


her children to live without rules and without fear. Today, Dianette addresses her goals allowing her to conquer more summits.

In this episode, we will be discussing:

  • The solace Dianette finds in living in the mountains
  • What sparked Dianette’s love for mountain climbing
  • Therapeutic qualities of adventure and experience
  • The adventurous life and accomplishments of Dianette’s son
  • How Dianette influenced her children to approach life with no fear
  • Dianette’s peculiar journey getting to Mt. Carstensz
  • The multiple attempts Dianette made to summit Mt. Everest
  • The acceptance Dianette found at Everest after her son’s passing
  • The importance of proficiency and efficiency in climbing mountains
  • Dianette’s future goals encompassing adventure

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