Dr. Neeta Bhushan overcoming adversity to find her emotional grit...


Seeing her parents suffer from cancer, Dr. Neeta Bhushan stopped being a kid when she was 10. Learn how she was able to let go of her knapsack of hope and start a journey of freedom, courage and compassion. Stepping in to greatness amidst adversity is a feat anyone can master and Dr. Neeta will give you the key elements to climb your mountains and find your summit.

We’ve got a remarkable spirit and her name is Dr. Neeta Bhushan. She is an emotional health educator and performance coach. She is a person that grew up in Chicago in a family, and she had her mother, her father and her younger brother all die within about three years and a half. All the expectations upon her to become a dentist, all the expectations for her to be the main caretaker once her mom died, she was the first person to die in that chain of awful events. Then she got into a very unhealthy abusive marriage which she had to get out of. This girl has been through everything and she is just a bright light that comes through. What she does now is help people in terms of their businesses, trying to find their way, their happiness. She’s been in over 45 different countries and mentors people all over. Just a great back and forth dialogue with Neeta and what she went through and how she dealt with that. It’s a happy story at the very end and she’s in a great spot. She has a saying called “Step into your greatness.” That’s what we did. We talked about her greatness, about the things that she’s doing for other people around the world.