Hugh Millen, former NFL Quarterback on how he overcame his adversity


Bouncing around the league for 10 years wasn’t an experience NFL quarterback Hugh Millen planned but still grateful for. His football career led him to play with 93 pro ball players and he learned from coaches that went to the Super Bowl. But his beginnings as an athlete and as a person weren’t as smooth as other star players in the league. His mother had seven broken marriages, with his first step-dad being a heavy-weight boxer who physically abused his family. Although these stings of life did bring him down, Hugh kept coming back up, grinding his teeth and staying focused on his goals in life and sports. Hugh shares the moments of truth in his life that kept telling him to quit, but he didn’t and instead reacted positively to the experience. Learn why there really is no need to win every day, all you need to do is give yourself a chance to keep throwing the ball and keep throwing it hard.