Tom Flick on his Enter and Exit to the NFL, Overcoming Hardships, and Becoming a Public Speaker


performance in a faster moving world.

I’ve first met this guy, Tom Flick, when I was a freshman at the University of Washington really lost in the program as a football player. Tom was a senior. He was our quarterback. He was the leader. He was a Team Captain and he led us to the Rose Bowl at Pasadena. Then he went on into NFL.

We just go through and have this amazing talk about overcoming different things that he had to do. His dad actually crashed in an airplane, was completely broken up and survived it Tom’s senior year before he had this great season. I didn’t realize that because he didn’t show that. He certainly played fantastic that season. His mom went through cancer and later his dad got Parkinson’s. Tom’s enter and exit to the NFL and a Tommy John surgery he thought he’d never play again. Things like that that he actually had to deal, go through, feel it, and certainly from his point of view, came out the other end a much better person.

Tom Flick is one of those guys, he’s a Change Leadership Speaker now. He speaks all over the country. More than 3,000 speeches: Google, Microsoft, Starbucks, all the big boys want him. He’s one of those guys in your life that if you know Tom Flick, if you listen to Tom Flick, he makes you better. He makes you a better person. He’s just one of those guys. I’m very lucky to call him a friend. This episode was just a ton of fun to go through and reminisce and really go through his journey of life and what special words he has to impart on all of us.

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