Empire’s Jussie Smollett: How To Live Fully


He’s a star on Empire and a singer, an activist, a lover of love and the self-proclaimed “gay Tupac—in my mind.” Jussie Smollet is funny and crazy and deep. In this ep he goes in about making his new album Sum of My Music and working on Empire and growing up in a big family, five siblings, where sometimes they had money and sometimes they had none, but they were always wealthy with love. I knew Jussie was passionate and intense but I didn’t know he was this funny. Let me know what you think. Twitter: @toure.

Toure Show Ep 18

Jussie Smollett—“How To Live Fully”

Host & Writer: Toure

Producers: Chris Colbert, Matt Ford, Chris Basil

Assistants: William Jolley and Shelby Royston

The House: Cadence 13