Nikki Giovanni: How To Make It In Poetry


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Nikki Giovanni is one of the greatest living poets in the world. I grew up hearing Ego Tripping recited over and over in ways that seemed to magically transform all who recited it and all who heard it. And so many of her other poems are so simple or so beautiful or so powerful that I can’t forget them. Plus Nikki is a joy to be around. She’s funny, smart, humble, and she’s cool. She’s the best dinner guest imaginable. In this hour plus conversation we talk about:

• Her insight into Trump voters after a life lived in Appalachia.

• The impact of watching domestic violence in her childhood home.

• How she rebounded from a health scare by getting onstage.

• What makes a great poem.

• How she learned to cry.

• Why she feels she needs to go into outer space.

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Toure Show Ep #3 Nikki Giovanni: How To Make It In Poetry

Host & Writer: Touré

Producer: Chris Colbert

The House: Cadence13