Taraji P. Henson: How To Act: A Master Class


She’s one of the great character actors of our time and she gave me a master class in acting. She explains so much about she relates to character, how she approaches scenes, how she uses her instrument. Taraji is unpredictable and unforgettable and powerful. I’m thrilled to have talked to her and I hope our talk can inspire you on your journey up your mountain. I hope it can also be part of the historical record around this peerless artist as we peer deeply into the foundation of her craft. Taraji is now the star of Acrimony, the latest from Tyler Perry, and still the star of Empire. Let me know what you think. Twitter: @toure. 

Toure Show Ep 20

Taraji P. Henson—“How To Act: A Master Class.”

Host & Writer: Toure

Producers: Chris Colbert, Matt Ford, Chris Basil

Assistants: William Jolley and Shelby Royston

Photos: Chuck Marcus

The House: Cadence 13 

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