Van Jones: How To Make A Comeback


Photo courtesy of the Center for American Progress.

The cable news star is brilliant, open-hearted, dignified, and someone who knows how to comeback from adversity. In this ep he goes into how he navigates the TV news business as well as how he rebounded from being the center of a mortifying international news story. Van is now the host of the Van Jones Show on CNN which airs twice a month on Saturday nights—guests have included Jay-Z, Steph Curry, Ava Duvernay and Oprah. Damn. Van is one impressive dude. Let me know what you think. Twitter: @toure.

Toure Show Ep 19

Van Jones—“How To Make A Comeback”

Host & Writer: Toure

Producers: Chris Colbert, Matt Ford, Chris Basil

Assistants: William Jolley and Shelby Royston

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