If You Want to Go Up, You Have to Be Willing to Get Blown Up!


If you’ve ever dared to accomplish something new or great, you know that small decisions can have a big impact on you and those around you. And once you commit, sometimes there’s no turning back.

Entering every new stage of personal growth often induces the same type of feeling as pulling the pin on a hand grenade.

You know that once you pull that pin, once you go a certain distance, or go public with your untested idea, you’re fully committed to your decision and there’s no turning back if it doesn’t work out (and the world is watching!). You know you’ll have to live with whichever outcomes or consequences result from your decisions- whether good or bad.

This is what scares most people into retreat, while others embrace this danger in spite of fear- and often succeed.

I’ve discovered two types of mindsets when it comes to this kind of risky situation.

One mindset takes the chance and dares to win, while the other shrinks back into mediocrity and is likely to continue that trend for the remainder of it’s life. In the famous words of famed football coach Vince Lombardi “Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.”

The one mindset is hopeful, ambitious, and has everything to lose, but it doesn’t have it’s back painfully against a wall it cannot escape.

The other mindset is equally hopeful, ambitious, and also has everything to lose. But the difference with this other mindset is that it is presently experiencing an immediate and pressing pain that will continue to cause it non-stop agony unless something is done to change the present situation, and the thought of changing anything at all seems better than remaining as is (think horrifying tooth ache!).

Even if that change means finally deciding to just pull the pin on the grenade, throwing it, and letting the cards fall where they will.

“I don’t care what happens. All I know is I’m not staying where I am,” it says.

Only once you reach a pain point of sheer desperation will you discover what you are truly capable of because you will choose to go further than you ever would’ve considered going had you been in a state of comfort and complacency.

Desire alone isn’t enough to get you to the next level. If you aren’t desperate to a point of near-lunacy to get out of your present, pressing, and painfully agonizing situation, you probably never will. And if you attempt to ignore or sedate your emotions to keep yourself from feeling the pain and desperation of your present state, you’ll probably never have the guts to escape them.

Let yourself experience the full spectrum of your pain, discomfort, and frustration. Let it consume you, if you must.

Then, take responsibility for it and embrace the suck.

And for the love of all that is holy, just pull the pin!


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Question: Are you the kind of person who takes risks, or do you prefer to ‘play it safe?’ Leave a comment below!

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@jakemccluskey I agree totally. We're trained to think it through (just like an OPORDER), but knowing what to research sometimes can be a challenge. That's where other people and trying to assemble a great team can come in very handy and make it a lot easier.


Taking risks isn't a bad thing, and as Veterans, I think we take risks differently. Call them more though with more tactics and recon. But I think when it comes to business, websites, online marketing, etc. lots of Veteran business owners are not always sure where to do the right recon.

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