If You Want Your Business to Fail, DO THIS!


As business owners, we usually know our product or service very well. But, we often overlook the obvious and small details that can make a big difference in our bottom line (for better or for worse).

After my recent (and unpleasant) visit to a well-known furniture store, I realized businesses big and small (billion-dollar brands to mom-and-pop start-ups) often make this one common mistake that can cost them dearly (and you, too!). Check it out...

Question: What do you think is the most common reason businesses fail? COMMENT BELOW!

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Awesome! I'm going to go with cash flow problems as the most common reason but you can't have cash flow unless you turn on the faucet by letting people pay you. It's so easy to do that today. If you are an online business you can accept payments straight from your website or even include a button to pay in your email or invoice. Companies like Square and Quickbooks will send you a card scanner to connect to an ipad or phone if you are taking payments in person. All of that with bank level security. I used to work in retail grocery. It was amazing to me that people would buy an item (a box of cereal for example) from a case that was completely open way more often than they would from a case that had a little lip of cardboard left on the bottom to prevent boxes from falling out. Was it hard to take the cereal out over that ledge? No. The smallest difference in convenience can be the difference between making a sale or not. Customers aren't just grabbing the next box of cereal, they are buying something from someone else because it's easier.

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