One Major Key to Growing a Business That Lasts



A lot of people have grown so accustomed to getting paid immediately after completing their work (an "employee mentality") that they find it difficult to make the transition into business ownership.

The reason? Simple... You can't be a business owner with an employee mentality. Employees want to do work and get paid immediately after for their efforts. Business owners know they'll usually need to spend some money up front and possibly not see the profits coming in for a few months, several months, or more.

To be successful to any extent in business, you must realize the value of investing.

"Investing?" Like stock market symbols and all of that "confusing" stuff? Well, nothing is confusing if you know how it works. If you want to know more about making money with stocks and options trading and such, go visit my friend Sean Hyman.

But here, that is NOT what I'm talking about!

The investing I'm talking about is investing small amounts of money on a regular basis in making connections.

For example, be willing to spend 5 or 10 bucks on a cup of coffee and a scone to meet with a potential business partner or contact.

It may turn into more money, it may not.

But if you aren't willing to invest a bit on the front end consistently (this is never-ending in business, by the way), you'll never be able to grow a successful business because meeting people, buying a drink, paying for gas and tolls to get to the meeting, etc are inherent, expected costs (and many are tax write-offs- so it's not actually a total loss!)

If you want to grow a profitable business, you must be willing to invest some time and money up-front (it doesn't have to be a lot).

If you aren't willing to do this, don't even bother trying to build a business.

QUESTION: Do you find yourself thinking more like an "Employee" or more like a "Business Owner?" COMMENT BELOW!

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Very cool. Yeah, the definition of entrepreneur that economists use is someone who earns a profit by combining resources- like time, money, skills, and labor- in a way that makes them worth more than the pieces. That's what building a business is; not getting paid for your time as a laborer, getting paid for your ability to create value. It's a huge mind shift. A willingness to invest to create those opportunities and to assemble those resources is going to be crucial. It's a shift I have only recently started to make myself.

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