2 Quick Tips That Helped Me Go From "Blown Up" to "Blowing Up" My Business.


10 years ago I left Brooke Army Medical Center after living there for 14 months of burn treatment and reconstructive surgery. I was there because of a suicide bombing attack in Kandahar that had just about killed me and my men.

I had no speaking experience (had no desire to talk about "my war experience"), hadn't written a book, and had no direction. The compass of my life wasn't just broken, it had been blown to pieces (pun intended).

Over the past decade I've been mentored by a lot of amazing people in life & business (even had the honor of helping Andrew along in some ways during his early days), I attribute all of my success to other people's generosity combined with my actions.

Since I began over a decade ago, I've now had the incredible privilege of speaking to over half a million people in live audiences across 42 US states, in 7 countries, and on 4 continents and writing 3 books- helping people win their inner battles and take back control of their lives after trauma.

Starting out, I had nothing. But here are TWO things that helped me get started right:

1. I was willing to start without a huge following.
Ha, who am I kidding. I had no following (outside of family and friends). Tom was one of my few MySpace friends (and that's only because he was everybody's friend by default). But as I moved forward, I began telling more and more people about what I was doing (and WHY I was doing it). I wasn't afraid of "bootstrapping" or looking "small time." This led to my second point...

2. Find others who believe in what you're doing and ask them to contribute or share about it within their circle of influence (given their circle are people who care about or can benefit from what you're doing).

In the military, you can't be the machine gunner, the sniper, and the A-10 pilot dropping air support. Nobody can accomplish the mission alone. It takes a team, squad, platoon, company, battalion, brigade, and ultimately several divisions to win a war. Your business and mine is no different. Together is better. As you move forward in your business, align yourself with others on the same journey as you, or at least those who support your mission (business).

I hope you'll immediately take these 2 points to action in your own business so you can help those who are out there right now who need you most.

Keep fighting forward, fellow VetPreneurs!


QUESTION: What ONE THING can you say has made a major impact in your business? COMMENT BELOW!

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@BTanton I agree. End of the day, the big question is "Will people buy it?" No matter how good the idea, if that isn't a definite YES, its a useless business idea. Just don't get thousands of dollars and several months into something before realizing that. That's where other people are valuable.


Having an open mind and open heart. What you think your mission is and what it may actually be may be different. Listen to people around you that you know, like and trust, Listen to the market!!!!! You may have the best idea in the world but if the market doesn't demand it who's going to buy it. (There is a caveat to that though! If it's a new market. Either way you must do your market research)

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