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We don't live in the industrial age anymore where you have to have a college degree or be a doctor or a lawyer to be "successful."

Nowadays, people are turning incredibly simple ideas into massively profitable businesses.

Yes, some of these people are making millions of dollars a year. But others are bringing in an extra $20K, $40K, or $80K+ a year (and they're comfortable and content with that).

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@JoshuaRichards I agree. It's almost like there's nothing new, but things come back around in different forms.


It's interesting that you mention the industrial age. I've been thinking about this Shift lately. The internet/information age has kind of brought us full-circle back to the days when individuals operated their own businesses rather than massive groups working for the few people who owned the factories and capital. New entrepreneurs are the farmers, blacksmiths, and creators of all kinds of value, and don't have to rely on someone else to give them a pay check, they just create value for people on their own. The big difference is that we can now offer those creations to a global market, not just the people in our town or village.

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