How Authenticity Can Build Brand Value


I love how authenticity and being yourself can build trust and value in a brand.

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-Post originally by Josh Richards.

What can you do to build a more authentic brand for your business?

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Great article! Another great resource is his interview with Cigars and Sea Stories Check it out!


After reading the Forbes article on Daniel Alarik and how he grew his empire, I have to say his Lesson #3 really struck a nerve! I've been at the "start a business" game for a long time... nearly 20 years trying to figure out what it was I was really passionate about. I did drop-shipping, network marketing, all sorts of 'hand-made' items over the year, but nothing ever stuck. I never felt any passion for what I was trying to get into... it was just a paycheck I was after. Daniel talks about grit and never giving up. That's our ethos, I will never accept defeat. Business IS my new battlefield, and I WILL conquer it. I am on the path to greatness because I stuck it out, no matter how much money I lost in the process, no matter how many arguments were had, no matter who I pissed off... I stuck with it; this is MY business, and I WILL dominate. This is the message that ALL Vets need to hear and hear it daily! We are better than everyone else. We have been trained by the most powerful military in the world... THAT, in and of itself, stands for something. Take that sh*t and OWN it!

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