If You Violate These Branding Tips Now, You'll Be Kicking Yourself Later!

3 Brand Recognition Tips to Blow Up Your Business
3 Brand Recognition Tips to Blow Up Your Business

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Business owners simply don't know what they don't know. In fact, we often overlook obvious glitches in our businesses for the simple fact that we aren't always "business experts." If you own a plumbing business, you should be a "plumbing expert." If you own a roofing company, you should be a "roofing expert," not necessarily an expert in sales psychology and what compels people to buy (or even trust you).

In this video, I share a few tips you can immediately apply to your business (website, marketing collateral, etc) to boost revenues & gain more trust from potential customers.

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What do YOU do to get your business remembered and make it stand out?


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Great info for anyone, but I love it especially for those folks that may be branching out to their own brand or that are just getting into business for themselves. Especially consultants, coaches etc.



@SurvivalistUSA Glad to hear it. I've noticed in my years of business and consulting with small and mega-brands alike, nobody is exempt. Businesses, no matter their size or revenues, are making some of these mistakes and leaving easy opportunities on the table because they're overlooking just a few of these simple and easy-to-apply concepts.


The 10 minutes it took me to watch this video and read this post probably saved me months of wondering why I'm not getting sales! I'm in the beginning stages of setting up my website and online course delivery system; both of which are served on the same platform, however, they are essentially two separate sites with entirely different setups.

It's, quite honestly, pretty tough keeping track of every aspect of a website's design aspect when you're a "one-man-band"... so being armed with a simple yet powerful tactic like this, will certainly make things much smoother.

Building a business from the ground up while working a full-time job is tough enough; I like simple. This is a very simple strategy to implement and won't take long to put into practice. In fact, I'll likely tidy up my website settings as soon as I finish with this post!

To answer the question above, I keep it simple. I don't put advertisements on my site. I know how much I dislike them when visiting sites, so why add them? I don't use sidebars in my main blog area, only within my member's area so they have quick access to critical information. This allows visitors to the blog to get the information they want, without all the clutter and they're not bombarded with ads!

I also like clean lines and simple to understand phrasing. There's no need for 'big words' in a survival situation... I use the military's crawl, walk, run, methodology of instruction, as well, and implementing that strategy within my design seems like a logical step.

If you look at this from a military view point, this is a fantastic tactical movement! ;)

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