This Military Spouse Is About to Rock Your World!


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More money and more career opportunities are often hard to come by for military spouses.

I mean, seriously... You get moved (PCS'd) every 2-3 years and it could be to another city, another state, or literally to the complete opposite, other side of the world!

How can you be expected to be able to grow a real (and profitable) career with a turbulent life schedule like that?

That's like building a bunch of foundations for houses in a newly developing neighborhood, but then always leaving before ever getting the chance to build, complete, and sell the houses!

If you've ever found yourself frustrated by these same thoughts (and very valid arguments), you're not alone. In fact, one of our very own active duty military spouses decided to not only do something about it for herself, but also to help other military spouses just like her escape this unusual "military rat race."

Laura Early is an active duty Army spouse living in Colorado Springs. She's also the Deputy Director of Wise Advise and Assist Team, which contracts military spouses and family members to do outsourcing work for their corporate clients.

Why is this great?

The first reason is that this outsourced work can be done and completed remotely (from just about anywhere in the world!).

Secondly, it allows military family members to use skills they already have to be of value to the marketplace (they get to make more money for their family while also being a part of a team and making progress toward accomplishing goals that matter).

Laura and her team can be found and contacted at: (and we highly recommend you contact them if you're a military spouse/ family member with a skill set and are seeking to explore more business opportunities like the ones previously discussed, while also finding yourself in the "military rat race" we talked about).

Laura is also the lead event coordinator for the MilBlogging Live Event in Dallas, TX on Oct 22-24, 2017. The MilBlogging event (see more at was created by US Army Veteran Curtez Riggs for the purpose of bringing together hundreds of digital entrepreneurs, and business owners united by a passion for the military.

If you're a Veteran Entrepreneur, or a Veteran who wants to start a business, the MilBlogging event was created with you in mind. Check out their website at: to sign up before they sell out (tickets are going fast!).

Whether you're a military veteran, or the spouse of a veteran or active duty service member, highly-valuable, easy-to-access career options exist for you in today's global marketplace... Even if the military wants to move you and your family to the other side of the world every 2 or 3 years!


QUESTION: What opportunities do you know of that exist in the marketplace for military spouses/family members who want more? COMMENT BELOW!

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@WendyD I agree. Since our interview, I've reconnected with her and it looks like we may also be doing some work together (which also helps these military spouses and their families, which thrills me!)


I think it's great she is CONNECTING as a profession. That is very fulfilling. It's great she sees military spouses moving as geographically connected rather than handicapped, too.



@JoshuaRichards Agreed! There are more options now than ever. And easier to access them and get the word out as well.


This is awesome! Online tools and cloud based technology are really expanding what people can do to work locationally independent. Even freelancing with a sight like Upwork can be a great start for someone looking to build a side income and maybe grow it into an independent business down the road.

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