New Economics For Women: Earth Day Everyday!


Last year, the Learning center program was working on beautiful projects in celebration of Earth Day. In the month of February, we asked parents to participate and bring empty milk gallons for children to be creative and use it as pots for planting. Children designed their pots and kept a close eye on their growing plants. Some students decorated glass bottles or mini school milk cartons and used them as vases. We took this opportunity to discuss plant cycle, recycling habits, measurements and art all in one, exposing them to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).

One of Enrichment classes presented to the 2nd grade children was Eco Art. The objective of this lesson was for students to be able to express themselves through different recycled mediums while learning how to be environmentally conscious. Students demonstrated a great deal of engagement throughout, and showed an increase of knowledge in the subject.

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